Review on split system air conditioner


Aircon ReviewsToday I want to review 3 different split system air conditioner that I bought for 3 of my rooms !

Yes my house is so big that I have 3 different aircon installed 🙂

2 of the aircons are installed by Snowman, check out their Cheap Split System Air Conditioning Installation Services.

Ok, I have summarised the reviews below.


Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series Review

I installed this aircon 1 month ago and firstly, I was very impressed with how quiet the aircon has been running outside my room’s window. There was no typical aircon noise ! It was a cool day at around 23 degrees celsius.

However it was quite humid inside the room so I wanted to run the aircon and it being a filter aircon, I thought it would help to filter out the moisture away from the walls, my floors, clothes, furnitures and everything that supposed to be wet !

Moreover, my air conditioner was position behind the window with some paddings to help absorb any audible noise. I suggest you to do that which really helps to absorb noise from the rattles as well. All in all, I love the whole installation and the price paid was fair which includes everything including taxes, labour , warranty, basic electrical modification and all completed by 1 person in a few hours.


Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09 Series Review

I have Fujitsu installed in my living room where my whole family are most of the time. The ducted reverse cycle unit is installed beside it.

We got a old ducted system which is 6 yrs old and seems to be running poorly. The technician determine that and inspected it to try to repair it. The system keeps running cold, hot mode repeatedly which is increasing our electricity bill !

Now with the 2 split system, we get consistent hot warm air for the majority of our house.

For the unit installed in our bedroom, we wanted silent just the above review. The running operation was very important to use, especially when we are installing it inside the room wall mounted.

The 1st day of installation, there was some tiny vibration that could be heard along the wall. The technician came back and reposition the rubber mounts to absorb the vibration.

It works ! I am happy with the operation till now.


Samsung AR5000 Review

This unit has the most beautiful design of all. I love the entire sexy looking feel. The function works great to. The cooling is cold. The heating is hot. Ok sounds lame but isn’t that what all want from an air conditioner. In short, it works powerfully.
The only setback is the sound generated from the cracking or vibration of the plastic. It doesn’t happen often. I can easily cope with that though some reviews have them sound like very scarily.
I call the contractor and they advise me to clean the filter. And yes ! It works great as usual. I guess that part belongs to the user’s responsibility. Now I absolutely highly recommend this system with the support of the dealer and the sexy plus powerful features. A 5 star rating for me.

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